CHAXART and wang & buck are proud to cocurate and present ‘Cha of China’ tour in Copenhagen. ‘Cha of China’ is an international exchange program focusing on the tasting and understanding of Chinese tea in six categories. The program consists of exclusive tasting workshops, lectures on Chinese tea culture and tea tours in popular European cities, with hopes to create a mutual fascination with which different cultures come together to taste, appreciate, share and exchange. 

‘Cha of China’ tea tasting workshop is a combined result of professional evaluation methods and relaxed tasting experience. The seven selections of Chinese tea correspond aptly to the characteristics within the six major categories. Our workshops emphasis interactions, coupled with concise tasting notes specially designed for the workshop, insofar as they bring out an overall enriching experience. After the whole experience, we expect to have a rounded understanding of the six categories, their characteristics, culture and charms, to have you find your own cup of Chinese tea.
The workshop is limited and only by invitation.